Stress Busting: Change Stress-Inducing Memories

Ultimate stress buster: Memory Reimprinting – To achieve stress resilience, the best way is to change the memories causing stress. Easier said than done.

However, it is not impossible and has proven to be the best way to combat stress and all the underlying health risks that comes with it.

Memories are not simply how you store and retrieve information. Memories holds the power to influence every reaction and response your body produces, including of course, stress response. Memories shape the very reality of how you understand and live within the world as you know it. It is the basis of why you do what you do.

Before we dig into the power of memories as the ultimate stress buster.

Let us first look at conventional stress busting activities:

1. Massage

Massage tops the list as one of the most common activity that people go for to reduce stress. Undeniably getting a massage can reduce the muscle tension and improve blood circulation.

Massage relaxes the physical symptoms of stress and fatigue. However, massage can only relieve stress temporarily. Ever noticed that right after the massage session or stepping out of a spa, what bothers you and causes stress just starts to build up again?

There is nothing wrong in getting a massage to alleviate stress. But every reasonable professional will never advise or claim that massage solves the entire issue about why you get stressed.

2. Exercise

Exercise allows good feeling hormones that definitely help combat stress and improves stress resilience. Keeping your physical health in check and maintaining an active lifestyle definitely solves a lot of health dilemmas.

3. Meditation

Meditation is one of the best way to gain inner wisdome and calm the mind. But meditation alone does not solve your stress issues.

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In fact, those who are just starting meditation practices are easily discouraged because conventional knowledge about meditation requires a person to “will” or force the mind to silence, which is very difficult to achieve.

Notice that the moment you close your eyes, or commit to a mediation session, torrents of overwhelming thoughts come into your awareness. Meditation done right, with a proper mentor, can do wonders in relieving stress. In meditation, practice makes perfect.

4. Diet

There are superfoods that stress experts claim to aid in stress reduction. Foods that helps production of feel-good hormones that fights the effects of stress hormones. There are plenty of dietary plans that can definitely help keeping the body healthy and less stressed.

However, while diet can have a great impact on maintaining stress-resilience, it is not proven to solve the root cause of stress.

The above are the top four stress busting activities that people often go for to reduce stress. But obviously most, if not all, does not provide what we all aim for, stress resolution, management and resilience.

Why is that?

Stress is Often Memory-Related

When I say memory-related I do not mean simply the way you remember things. Memories fuel the way we understand reality.

Since birth, we are actively recording each experience and depending on their intensity, the mind utilizes and use them as “proof” of how the world works.

Our memories are the prime basis of how we form any kind of response and reaction. Why we respond negatively on any subject is withdrawn from multitude of memories related and indirectly related to it. The mind is a like a huge circuit board working non-stop. Our neural pathways are actively interlinked, creating the structure of thoughts, ideas, mindsets and ultimately – reality.

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Collapsing the Structure of Stress

It only makes sense that the best thing to do with stress is to collapse its mental structure. It sounds impossible because the brain is among the most complex systems known to man. To date, billions of dollars are spent on research trying to understand just exactly what the brain can do.

But is there really a way to manipulate the mind to produce an alternative instead of a stress response? Yes, while the parts of the brain and its processes functions the way it does, the neural pathways or the connections within it can be rewritten.

The memories functioning as stress triggers can be manipulated, weakened and collapsed.

This can be done by a technique that efficiently communicates with the subconscious, the process is non-invasive and is even self-applicable.

Collapsing the structure of stress and creating new neural connections for the mind to utilize when unavoidable triggers present themselves creates wonders in developing stress resilience, combating burnout and building better mindsets.

So what is the ultimate stress busting technique? Memory Reimprinting through Eutaptics, the eBook I offer for free will get you started in understanding how bad memories affect your life. Download for free.


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